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Toegevoegd: 22-06-2018
Bijgewerkt: 20-03-2019

Merk: Microsoft

There goes the roar of the engines, and you're off in a burst of smoke! Take control of a Celica or Delta and run the race of your life!

Arcade Mode - 14 computer-controlled cars and 3 courses challenge you in your quest for glory.

Time Attack Mode - There is no time limit nor rivals to worry about here. Just you and your mean machine. Trim time off your run and you just might set the course record. Enable the ghost car option a

2 Player Mode - Battle your friend on pavement and tarmac! You can set the handicap to give one player up to a 30-secondhead start. Use the boost option to give the slower car in the race a little mor

Replay Function - Fancy camera work follows your car’s winning run. Watch carefully to remember where best to race on the course!

Link Game Mode - Race rivals near and far. Full screen action allows you maximum enjoyment in this PC original!
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